Our Platform

Our platform is a global system of record, enabled by our cutting-edge connective digital infrastructure.

It provides a singular instance of loans for secure and efficient asset management and trading.

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System of record

Plus integrates with existing LOS and servicing systems, providing a secure, auditable, dynamic environment for enhanced recording and validation of loan data.

This environment provides better continuity & integrity of data, reducing operational and legal risk.

Connective infrastructure

Plus can seamlessly connect disparate lending, servicing and trading resources.

This allows clean data flow, reduces friction and cost, and increases security and efficiency.

Singular instance of the loan

Our proprietary Smart Loan technology allows multiple participants to have simultaneous, permissioned access to a singular instance of loan files and enriched data.

This simplified, streamlined data environment reduces operational and legal risk, while aiding communication between internal & external parties.

Asset management

Plus helps investors better understand and manage what they own.

More robust insight into ESG loan attributes provides better community support.

A deep enrichment of borrower, property and loan data helps to mitigate investment risk.

Transfer and Trading

Cutting-edge processes and tools, informed by real-time data, allow market participants to electronically trade pools of loans efficiently and securely.

The outcome is an unmatched experience that promotes transparency & compliance, reduces counterparty risk and enhances execution.