Who We Are

Our leadership team is driven by the opportunity to re-invent mortgage for the benefit of lenders, borrowers, investors, and communities.

Buck Collins

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Buck has extensive experience within the mortgage industry and was trained by a market pioneer to develop a deep understanding of how its various constituents think, operate, and fit together. Formerly Managing Partner & COO of Ranieri Solutions, Buck was the key driver behind the creation of the Single-Family Rental REIT, Hyperion Homes, now Home Partners of America. His entrepreneurial and unorthodox background allows him to bring creative insight into new ways of enacting positive change within the established mortgage ecosystem.

Profile picture of Buck Collins, Chief Executive Officer

Britton Tullo

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Britton is passionate about enabling better decision-making through access to clean and robust data. She brings over 15 years of multifaceted experience within asset management, most recently at AQR Capital, a quantitative hedge fund where she built deep relationships with a broad range of banks integral to the mortgage industry. She is also a longstanding ESG champion, having led AQR’s in-house ESG committee and previously worked for the Robin Hood Foundation, a poverty-fighting charity based in NYC. She began her career on the investment team of Blackstone’s fund of hedge funds (BAAM).

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Alex Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Alex is an inspiring yet methodical leader, with over a decade of experience managing technical teams. He specializes in delivering complex software engineering solutions for global financial institutions. His expertise spans a wide breadth of applications including trading platforms, regulatory reporting interfaces, mortgage technology solutions, cloud analytical platforms, and execution management systems. An avid explorer, he enjoys gaining new perspectives by traveling the world.

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Stu Jackson

Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Stu has been applying his architectural precision and love of artful disruption to software in global financial markets since the Internet’s wild frontier days. He has helped to transform digital retail offerings and investment banking application suites, created transformational bond and FX trading applications, VAMs, future technology visions and ground-breaking mortgage servicing offerings. His sidearm with a 175g Ultimate UltraStar Frisbee is a thing of beauty.

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Grant Venter

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Grant is a design polymath, natural communicator and passionate cyclist. A renowned problem solver and people person, he has been leading the charge for creativity and quality in digital user experience in financial services for over 20 years. He has impacted the design evolution of dozens of major international brands across retail, business and investment banking, as well as helping to foster the growth of start-ups and early stage businesses.

Profile picture of Grant Venter, Chief Creative Officer